4,738 Republicans voted and 2,974 Democrats.The total number of “Others” was 506. Deon received 3,836 votes. Rose received 4,210 so the winning margin was 374 votes. But the total number of Democrats who voted was only 2,974 which was 1,236 fewer than the total number of votes, (4.210), she received. From where did the 1,236 Non-Democrat votes come?  There were 902 Republicans who voted who did not vote for Deon. (4,738 Republicans who voted minus the 3,836 who voted for Deon.) When the number of Republicans who did not vote for Deon is added to the total number of Democrats who voted  for Rose, (that’s 3,876 votes) which is 334 less than the total votes for Rose. Where did 334 votes come from? They could only have come from those registered “Other”. Dr. Rose won by 374 votes because of the voters who are not registered with either major party. Was this The Tea Party Effect?  We report. You decide.

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