Three months before the beginning of the 2011 election cycle I asked to be appointed to the Water and Sewer Board. Supervisor Komolasky rejected the request. If I had been appointed to the board I would have been too busy with the issues at the Authority so I would not have had sufficient time to run a campaign. But I was not serving on the board so I asked the Republican Committee to support me for Supervisor because I believed incumbent Republican Supervisor Deon had angered the community and would not win re-election.  Jay Russell decided to run against Deon and me. Because I almost won against Deon many people blame Russell for taking votes away from me. Deon won the Primary but went on to lose to the Democrat, Dr. Kim Rose, as I had predicted seven months in advance. I came in a close second in the primary but Russell received over 300 votes. Perhaps I would have won if I had campaigned differently but if I had been appointed to the Water and Sewer board I probably would not have campaigned at all. And if Russell had not opposed me, I might have won the Primary and the election. If that happened Northampton would still be run by the Republicans, all of which shows the Democrats now control Northampton because of two decisions by  Komelasky and Russell.

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