My name is all over this website. If you read something here either I wrote it or I quoted it. The headline is from a Guinness commercial I admire. Even more important is my commitment to a broad set of values, a deep moral code developed over the years. Unfortunately, the Northampton GOP, the NGOP, lacks such commitments. Why?

Ask them.

How can you judge the character of a person? One way is: determine if they have integrity. NGOP doesn’t. They continue to support an anonymous website by not denying it’s obvious connection with them. What is Integrity? It’s a virtue. Integrity is “loyalty in action to one’s convictions and values.” Suppose one has a bad or wrong set of values? Should they follow they and claim they have Integrity? Of course not. Integrity in a proper set of ethics that does not fly in the face of facts. Before one can follow a virtue they must at least examine the facts. The NGOP lacks integrity when they support by silence anonymous venomous websites.

Honesty is: “the refusal to fake reality, to pretend facts are other than they are.” Fake Facts are about what NGOP has become. That’s not just dishonest, it’s counterfeit honesty

Justice is: “the virtue of judging men’s character and conduct objectively and of acting accordingly, granting to each man that which he deserves.” What does an anonymous website deserve” Scorn. What does the NGOP deserve for being quiet an illicit website operating to it’s benefit? Scorn too.  

Justice s:

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