The Deon Campaign- Supporting, Venomous website says:      “Joe Carney says the Republicans are all liars and happily allowing citizens to be poisoned through their wells . . . Bill O’Neill claims he and the Democrat Supervisors are the victims of organized corruption because, well, because he knows it’s happening. His evidence – he believes the Democrat Supervisors just don’t look as healthy on live meeting broadcasts as the Republicans, and in all the times Bill O’Neill has spoken during public comment, one time the picture of him shrunk. WE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT – It’s not only Election Season, it’s Halloween, and you are just in time for a WITCH HUNT and a PUPPET SHOW. As usual, There is no foundation to the Democrat accusations! We’ve said it before: WE’RE LIVING IN a township voted ONE OF THE TOP TEN PLACES IN THE COUNTRY TO LIVE. Yet all we hear is the Democrats complaining about failure of leadership.
Why did the Democrats move into this township if its as bad as they say it is?
 Benjamin Franklin said, “Half a truth is often a great lie.” Don’t fall prey to FALSE ACCUSATONS that feed our concerns in a depressed economy. Don’t cast your ballot for shady truths because you’ll end up with shady Supervisors. Cast Your Vote – Vote for the Truth!”


Because of Deon and his two fellow travellers the Board of Super-Dupervisors and the township management is a Nest of Vipers. The text above is such a convoluted pack of lies that it’s a major job to list them all. For example, I never said I am a victim of organized corruption. I don’t think nor talk like that. I have proven to the citizens of Northampton at just about every supervisor meeting that there is corruption in the way the lawyers,the engineers and the videographer are selected. The Courier Times has reported some of the corruption which I explained on camera during the Supervisor meetings.

The Supervisor meeting video has been manipulated many times and in many ways. It’s not just one time. It’s hundreds. The video image was decreased to the size of a postage stamp. The camera angles are manipulated. The color values are manipulated. The lens openings are manipulated. The microphones are manipulated. The play-back recordings are manipulated. The time is manipulated. The Super-Duper Whopper Tellers know that because they are conscious of when the “tape will run out” and they manipulate the public meetings to help them and harm their opponents. I discovered a lot of the manipulations partly because of my background in photography. I studied and was a professional photographer for decades. I understand the photographic process. I know when manipulation is going on. I also know when it’s purposely concealed manipulation. I’ve written and presented papers to professional photographic groups. I studied physics which includes for example the definitions and descriptions of light including nuclear physics that involves the quantum nature of light. The pro-Deon website is mean in it’s attributes. It is a disgrace to the human race and it’s hurting the Republican party, fellow Republicans and our representatives who are Republican.  

Remember two years ago when the township videographer was recording the Supervisor candidate debates and got caught by Supervisor Rothermel and Republican Committeeman Wayne Mills? The videographer tried to sneak out with a companion after he thought everyone had gone.  That made the papers and that’s corruption Northampton Super-Dupervisor style.  Because of the corruption including the Deon Campaign-Supporting website, Deon should resign.  The township does not need a supervisor with friends like his.  

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