I’m dissapointed but not surprised that Vince Deon, my opponent in the May 17th Primary refused to debate me on the issues. Vince Deon has used his power as a Supervisor to stifle discussion during the Supervisor meetings for the last two years. He’s tried to stop me from addressing the Board on numerous occassions and he was worse at the last meeting where he refused to let Supervisor Frank Rothermel  speak about the Richboro Schoolhouse sale because he said it’s a real estate deal  then talked his head off about the mortgage the township did on the SPread Eagle Inn, which by the way was a zero percent mortgage provided at taxpayer expense. I told the Board that the morgtage should be sold to a bank. The taxpayers have no business giving zero percent mortgages to the  friends of Deon. This is another in a long list of under the radar financial deals by deon and his friends in the township.

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