“Roger Bushnell asks the Township why they can’t speed it up and get the shovels ready to put water in the Western End? He says he is tickled pink that he is getting FREE WATER TO HIS HOUSE(CURIOUS – BUSHNELL’S WELL IS NOT POLLUTED, BUT FREE WATER IS BEING EXTENDED TO HIM ANYWAY !)

Roger says that the   Group of Supervisors are the ones to solve problems . . You are all guilty!” He says, “1,000 homes in the Western End is your [Board of Supervisors] responsility.” He says, “What law says you can’t pick up the phone and get with the DEP to do something out there?”

Roger Rabbit:

Well, when all of Roger’s convoluted comments are boiled down, they come to this – Finally! Someone else is going to pay for my water! You are all a bunch of losers for not making it happen sooner! 


As homeowners in this Township, we know it is our own responsibility to maintain our personal property. After all, we don’t call Peco to pay for and change our light bulbs.


Prior to the election in 2007, Frank Rothermel told the citizens of Northampton Township that it would cost them $60,000 to have their sewers installed. In fact he got elected by making those kind of outlandish statements! He promised to be the Champion of the Western End!

 Here’s the truth. Some wells in the West End had harmful chemicals in them. The aquifer from which their water came had been sporaticly been tested and some residents were buying bottled water because of the chemicals. The township had repeatedly been notified by many of the West End residents that there was a problem. The township ignored them. the SuperDupers were annoyed. they refused to get involved even though it was rather easy to figure out a way to get residents wells tested. they ran from the problem then in a spirit of meaness they told the residents the water was their problem. Two years prior the township had refused to allow residents to build septic systems because they would pollute “the Waters of the Commonwealth”. Now that the Waters of the Commonwealth were found to be poluted the township refused to get involved with the Waters of the Commonwealth. It’s like Peco saying their electricity was the problem of the customers. The light bulb analogy on Deon’s Campaign-Supporting website about asking PECO to pay for and change our light bulbs is wrong. It’s like asking PECO to fix their power lines when the lines break. Count on the SuperDuper supporters to purposely mislead the public and blame the victims. The SuperDupers need to Man-up.

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