1. Voted against every tax increase,

2. Kept spending below the budgets,

3. Solved the phony Contaminated Water hoax at the Water and Sewer Authority,

4. Installed Public Water in the West End where the poisoned water was allowed by the Republicans for 20 years,

5. Found the Hidden 537 Plan that had forced residents to install $30,000 septic systems and helped get Public Sewers in the West End including $1.6 million in grants from the state,

6. Negotiated the Public Works Union Contract after working conditions under the Republicans forced the workers to call in a union,

7. Cut the debt by $19 Million by never borrowing a dime,

8. Exposed the Komelasky-Silver $3.3 Million Raid on the Open Space Fund,

8a.Exposed the deed violations by the Komelasky-Freidman at the Municipal Park,

9. Exposed the inadequate Audits that missed the $3.3 Million missing Open Space Money improperly spent and defended by Supervisor Komelasky and

10. the $157,000 theft by Township Manager Bruce Townsend,

11. Kept the roads pot-hole free and re-paved them when they were damaged,

12. Proposed to fix the 200 year old traffic problems,

13. Invited Republicans into township government in true bi-partisan fashion,

14. Invited Republican Barbara Bucknum to run on the Democrat Ballot after her own Republicans rejected her,

15. Exposed numerous phony issues by Republican Party Committee people,

16. Allowed Republican Committee people and Republican Appointees to make fools of themselves at Supervisor meetings and Water and Sewer Board meetings where they could not control themselves despite the video cameras,

17.Exposed the $1.1 Million Sewer Give-Away  to a developer which was then broken into five projects by the Water and Sewer authority to cover-up the Sweetheart Deal,

18. Stopped the persecution at the Parsons Farm because part of a barn was built on Open Space which was sold to them by the Komelasky Axis, meaning it was Parsons own property on which he built the barn,

19. Stopped the Cell Tower Construction on private property by taking the Cell Tower Company to Federal Court, negotiating the use of Public Property for the towers and writing Municipal Ordinances that are being used across America to control cell towers,

20. Procured cost information that proved the Solar Panel Project was wildly over-priced, cost information that no Republican Officer dared to procure because it would have upset the back-room Solar Panel Deal at the Water and Sewer Authority,

21. Exposed the Chinese Solar Panels that were substituted at the Solar Panel Project,

22. Exposed the wildly expensive Bucks County Solar Panel Scam which should have been caught by the Republican County Controller and Treasurer and several audits.  …..,

This is a dangerous time for Northampton which could slide back to the Corruption that marked just about every act by the arrogant administrations of Komelasky, Deon, Silver, Albano, Townsend and Freidman, – Arrogance that was helped by Ignorance.  

Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham have worked hard and honestly for Northampton. Every thinking person in Northampton should vote for Frank and Jim. But that’s not enough. They need a majority. That’s why you need to step up and talk about what they’ve done. You have to convince everyone you can to vote for Frank and Jim because it’s the right thing to do.

Under the Rothermel and Cunningham Administration Northampton is an island of sanity in an ocean of slanderous politics. These are two good men. These two men have dignity, courage, ability and a desire to root out the corruption of politics and to rise above the mud-slinging. Northampton has them. Let’s not lose them. Vote for them on Tuesday, Nov. 5th.  


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