She said: “the game is rigged”. She knows that because she helped do it.

In Northfield, Minnesota she drew a miniscule crowd of 400 students as reported by the Left Wing Washington Post.
A few of the Left-Wing educated students are so hypnotized by their Marx-based education that they will automatically vote against the free market like they did for professional comedian Al Franken.

Warren lies and says she hates money so she preaches “Banks are evil. Wall Street is evil” college should be free to students and the rest of America should pay for them.

But hypocritical Warren collects her huge $peaking fees then leaves town to invest her loot where? In Stocks. Wall street. She sleeps in a $5 million mansion in Cambridge, Mass. She has checking accounts in banks. She has savings accounts in banks and uses credit cards issued by banks then she brazenly lies about banks. She uses banks but tells the bewildered class they should pay more of their money, not her money, to government. She’s in government. Another Marxist Phony. Phooey.

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