In a private toast to our granddaughter and her new husband they were welcomed to the wonderful world of marriage. A spectacular Autumn wedding complete with a walk of all the guests thru woods to a retreat on a sun dappled hilltop with dramatic clouds where our lovely granddaughter wed her love. An amphitheater of damask covered hay bales provided comfort for the witnessing of self-written vows and the celebration began under a large white tent complete with one of the best bands and superb catering that required an interview of the hosts by the chef before the contract. The groom is a manager, an engineer and an accomplished pilot with his own airplane so each guest was seated by a miniature airplane with their hand-painted name across the wings. The twin themes of Autumn and Airplanes were everywhere including large framed photographs of the bride and groom by a great yellow Stearman.

The guests came from the lives of the Bride and Groom. The tent was festooned with custom designs from the creative mind of the bride, the grooms deep experiences and marvelous family, relatives and friends. They are different ages but the total is 60 years of experience guided by the best people on earth. These are special people.

Beautiful people have outer and inner joy. A wedding reception complete with the youngest who just turned five to the oldest who in in his 75th year offered a rare glimpse of the true joyful spirit within people.

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