There’s no penalty that applies to a President for violating the Constitution. Why not?

There are only three kinds of crimes: Summary Offenses; punishment limited to payment of a fine, Misdemeanors, punishable by either or both a fine and jail and Felonies which can be punished by a fine, jail and in certain cases by death. Violating a Constitution isn’t a crime.

What is it? A tort. A violator is a tortfeasor, one who commits a tort. Torts are civil, not criminal matters. Tort violations are lawsuits. Violation of the Constitution isn’t any of the above. The President is immune from punishment for civil wrongs. That’s because of the impracticality; almost the impossibility of defending himself against all of the potential lawsuits.

What is a crime? Action that violates “Criminal Law”. Every state has a set of laws called various names like Statutes, Codes or Rules. A subset of these rules/laws/statutes/codes is called “The Crime Code” which identifies the offense and lists the penalties for violations. No penalty, no crime.

But President Obama has incurred major violations of the Constitution. Sending military troops to Africa but not for any military purpose violates his power as commander in chief. The Military is not supposed to be used for non-military activity. Withdrawing the military before the mission is complete also violates the power as Commander in Chief.

The President forced people to buy health insurance. He was never given the power to do that. That’s a Constitutional violation. He bombed Syria without authorization. That’s another violation. Political use of the IRS. His lack of immigration enforcement; his lack of border control; his “Fast and Furious” program; his lack of prosecution of the Black Panther Voter Intimidation; his defense of the Harvard professor who was arrested and which caused the “Beer Summit” his DREAMER programs, all of which violate various parts of the Constitution.

The dispersal of illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors, throughout the U.S. without proper medical screening is an appalling dereliction of duty by a president and an administration sworn to protect the health and safety of American citizens. It’s caused a sharp increase in the deadly enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68). Infected people are crossing the Southern border hourly since Obama decided not to enforce the border. Violation. the children who have presented with enterovirus may have immunity but may still be contagious. Violation.

Obama signed an executive order allowing 100,000 more Haitians into this country. Haiti is one of the most disease-ridden country in this hemisphere. Violation. The President is supposed to protect Americans not get them infected.

Get ready for more cholera, TB, AIDS, Ebola and tropical diseases crossing the Southern border, because people with these diseases will be coming to be treated free under U.S. federal law. Violations with fatalities.

Humans can catch Ebola from fruit bats, or by touching or ingesting contaminated meat. Many buildings in Africa are infested with bats, and bat soup is considered a delicacy. Bushmeat from wild animals is a potential source of infection. In the past Ebola might wipe out a small village and then disappear because no news ever connected it with Ebola. It’s false that Ebola virus is present only in bodily fluids. Infectious Ebola virus may persist on surfaces for up to 2 days perhaps as long as 6 days. (They can be disinfected with chlorine bleach or bleach based disinfectant.)

Dogs and pets can catch and spread Ebola and other viruses. Not banning travelers from infected nations is a risk to Americans. Exposing Americans is the opposite of protecting them. That’s more Constitutional Violations.

“The Constitution is a promise about how government power is going to be used. It’s a promise written by people who had experienced life under tyrannical government,” says Tim Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation. “The lesson they learned from that and from their knowledge of previous tyrannies was that the most important issue is to wall off government power from our private lives and to make sure that nobody — not elected officials, not a king, not a dictator — gets to dictate how we live our lives.”

The Constitution is supposed to protect citizens from wayward politicians and Rogue Presidents. One problem with that is the extremely ponderous procedure.

A President can only be punished by the Senate. That requires Impeachment. Impeachment is done by the House of Representatives and tried by the Senate. Should President Obama be impeached? That depends on many things but many people believe he should be Impeached. The “Head of the House’, Representative John Boehner has said there will not be an impeachment, at least not for what the President has done up to that point. He didn’t say he shouldn’t be, just that he won’t be.

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