Why did the Bucks County Courier Times grant Democratic Opponent free space on the Opinion page? It’s not because they agree with him. After all they revealed the atrocious behavior of his parents in a stinging Editorial.

Does the Courier support Congressman Fitzpatrick? Probably not exactly but they seem to be inclining towards him and away from Strouse. The Congressman has been working for Bucks County for decades as a Commissioner and in Congress.

The rabid leftists of Bucks and Montgomery counties have been purposely sabotaging the Congressman’s public meetings then criticizing him for cancelling public meetings. These way out left over hippie types are traitors in disguise.

Back to Stouse. He’s proving by his failure to address his parents apparent violations of campaign finance laws, his untrustworthiness.

The Illicit Campaign Donations will not go away. Strouse needs to answer that issue first, forthrightly and pronto otherwise his candidacy is over. . 

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