What’s up with Patrick Toomey not supporting the Republican standard bearer, Donald J. Trump? How phony is that?

Of course his Democratic opponent shouldn’t win. Toomey has been in office long enough to get enough votes to win┬ábut why is he on the same side as the Democrats who oppose Trump?

Senator Wishy-Washy on loads of issues shows Toomey is the consummate politician but why would he refuse to back a Republican candidate for President? Did he think this thru?
He must be betting on a Hillary win so he can tell her he didn’t support Trump but that’s just dumb. Hillary won’t go along with a Republican and Toomey should be able to figure out what a walnut could figure out viz. he now has no future regardless of who becomes President.

Toomey has figured out how not to get along with both Democrats and Republicans. That’s pretty dumb. He may help lose the Senate for the Republicans. Trump will still have modst of the voters behind him so he won’t suffer. But America will because of traitors like Megyn Kelly and Pat Toomey.


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