Having worked for a significant time in most countries in Central and South America I’ve learned the value of both English in those countries and of the many, many varieties of Spanish, of the even more varied numbers of the local languages of the various indigenous people from the Rio Grande to Cape Horn, where the Atlantic meets the Pacific. “South America itself is one of the most linguistically diverse areas in the world with 37 language families, 448 languages of which over 70 are unclassified. Indigenous languages are used throughout the entire continent.(Wiki). Brazil for example speaks Portugese, not Spanish. Venezuela has at least 40 indigenous languages and dialects. English however is the go-to language for business people who need to use a language intelligible to both parties.

If Hillary is elected and indicted the non-English respecting Vice President will take over. To prepare himself he was working not for America in Honduras. He’s been practicing in Honduran Spanish and will be campaigning exclusively in Spanish and rejecting English in Arizona. That should show how disrespectful he and Hillary are about America where the official language is English. English, not some local accented version of Spanish.

President Juan Orlando HERNANDEZ Alvarado rules from the capitol of Honduras, Tegucicalpa where he too refuses to conduct business in English. There are many, many variations of Spanish spoken around the world. Kaign speaks not an elevated version but a sort of pigeon Spanish. Talk to good Spanish speakers to learn about his horrible sounding version. This is, unfortunately for America and Americans the first non-English event by a major party nominee in a U.S. election. Kaine, a senator from Virginia, is credited with giving the first non-English speech by an American Senator on the Senate floor. Would he stand for The Star Spangled Banner or would he ditch English and support some anti-American non-English song instead?

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