Obama told Jerry Seinfeld: “I do really well with the zero-to-eight demographic. They love me partly ‘cause, I think, my ears are big and so, I look a little like a cartoon character.” Acts like a little one too.
There was a sigh of relief at the final White House Correspondents dinner for Obama from the Right because he has only six more months until Trump is elected to replace him. Good. There were a lot of jokes about Trump who will have the last laugh when he’s elected.

The WHCD shows the corrupt nature of the press and the politicians. In a sop to the left an anti-white generally unfunny comedian. trump should leave the WHCD off his go-to list. Many of these people are charter members of America’s Idiocracy.

“Obama Out.” Those were the final words he said at the WHCD last night. Good. He had an unfair chance to go after Trump who wasn’t there. Lacking the grace to fight fair he took it.

It was fun to match the names in the room to he Panama Papers but some things never change. Obama will still be playing lots of golf next year.

Helen Mirren paid tribute to Prince who did drugs and probably died from the effects of them in his system. She had a little Prince symbol oh her right shoulder. It probably should be surrounded by a big “H”. Prince was given a “save shot”, Narcan, when he almost stopped breathing from drugs and he made an emergency landing at a Quad cities airport in Iowa, the state next to Minneapolis. You can get from Iowa to Minnesota buy taking one step. They are adjoining states yet Prince had to get a save shot that saved his life for a few more days then he was found dead in his home. Nothing good about doing drugs and Prince’s death from them should be mentioned every time there’s a tribute to his way too young death.

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