He didn’t mean to, .. probably, but under Obama’s administration since 2008 race relations have gotten worse.

From the Beer Summit when Obama invited Professor gates and the officer who arrested Gates to sit together and be collegial, the cop said he was right to arrest Gates. That didn’t go well and it increased the race tension in America. Then Obama took the side of the black man who was shot after assaulting a Hispanic. Obama incredibly said if he had a son , he’d look like Trayvon. Who knew?

Obama alienated American’s still more when he disrespected Israel and the Prime Minster Netanyahu by making Netanyahu leave the White House by a back door. Obama didn’t seem to learn anything about the Holocaust. How could he. He went to school in Indonesia so he probably didn’t study European history. If he did he didn’t get it.

Riots in Ferguson MO, Baltimore MD and four other places under Obama revealed or emphasized the racial tension in America. Obama did nothing that tamped that down. He appointed a black man for Attorney General and Eric Holder was impeached by Congress for facilitating a gun running scheme that while stupid beyond belief was probably not what he was trying to do. developing

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