She did very well in school but as we know that’s not a predictor of future success.
She did well enough in Arkansas as the First lady of Arkansas.
She did OK at the White House keeping the lids on Bill’s Bimbo’s. Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Elizabeth (Ward) Gracen, Dolly Kyle Browning, Sally Perdue, Lencola Sullivan, Elizabeth Ward, Susie Whitacre, Bobbie Ann William, a hooker by whom Bill fathered a child, Danny Williams, Christy Zercher, Carolyn Moffet, Helen Dowdy, Becky Brown, Regina Blakely Hopper, Connie Hamsey and many others, all while married to Hillary. How capable is she if she’s sexual dysfunctional?
According to a team of Citi Bank analysts led by Chief Global Political Analyst Tina Fordham: “In our view, these developments do constitute an ‘October surprise’ that could have a meaningful impact on the race,” according to the new research note published on Monday.
Fordham’s team has consistently warned of the “extraordinarily high” risk of “black swan” events — such as scandals and “information warfare” — occurring during this fraught campaign, hence its reluctance to view a Clinton victory as confidently as many other pundits.

Hillary went after the ladies in unladylike ways.  She didn’t do anything during the Monica episodes.
Likewise as New York Senator. Introduced one bill to name a building.
As a Presidential candidate she engaged in outright cheating to get ahead of Bernie.
Had to cheat by getting some of the questions in advance of the Presidential debates against Trump.
Fell down trying to get into her limo in NYC.
Needed help getting on the step behind the podium. Her stature is far less than Michelle Obama who is markedly taller than Hilla. 
Has had several recent episodes of seizure.
Fit for office? She’s only fit to get a medical exam.
Time for Hillary to get off the world stage.
But she’s worse than just unfir physically. According to more than one of Bill’s victims, Hillary Clinton is Bill’s enabler and the chief protector of their abuser:

The Clintons’ “systematically abuse women and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically – in their scramble for power and wealth,” says [“The Clintons’ War On Women”] press release.

Hillary Clinton’s core agenda is a quest for power, even while she falsely presents herself as champion of women’s issues, Roger Stone said.

“If Hillary intends to build her campaign around an appeal to women, her campaign is built on quicksand,” said Stone. But “Hillary is a life-time abuser of women and her advocacy on women issues rings hollow,” he said.

Nevertheless, Bill Clinton is the man the DC Media wants as America’s very first First Gentleman, and other than Donald Trump, no one in the Republican Party has the stomach to make this the issue it deserves to be.

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