Naïveté. It’s French. It means a sort of simplemindedness and his ignorance about drugs, about death and the seductive deadly nature of the Progressive Message: “If it feels good, do it, (Iifgdi), all together helped our beloved Philip Seymour Hoffman kill himself. Woody Allen is getting a lifetime achievement award from the dolts of Hollywood despite raping his daughter Dylan Farrow, when she was seven, because Hollywood encouraged Woody to do it if it feels good. That message helped kill Philip Seymour Hoffman die at 46.  

The Hollywood version of  “Iifgdi” seduced a dolt like Hoffman to make a fatal mistake and die by his own hands. “Iifgdi” beguiled the auto workers, the Mayor and residents of Detroit and destroyed an American city. “Iifgdi” guides the Democratic party which is destroying Chicago, Pennsylvania and California with impossible to pay Greedy Government Worker Pensions. It has created an every growing army of EBT card dependents who cannot pay for aspirin, birth control or doctors.

Hollywood values helped elect the most destructive President and he’s trying to impose those values on America and he and Hollywood and his “Demon” Democratic Party are doing their best to destroy America. Watch the O’Reilly Interview to see how artfully he lies.

But Hoffman’s actions killed him. It’s not the drug dealers fault although they should be caught, tried and sentenced, and it’s not the fault of the dumb Hollywood elite who get fantastically rich, and that’s OK because they give many people what those naïve people want without force or fraud although in a way, all the Hollywood Lefties are a Progressive Fraud.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s endearing naturalness, his unpretentiousness made us love him. Hollywood’s values helped him push a needle filled with poison into his own arm. He died with the needle still there. We will miss Philip Seymour Hoffman. .

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