The Eagles’ head coach ranks dead last compared to his coaching peers. He was a quarterback so he knows how to play football. He just doesn’t know how to coach football players. Here’s a subtle hint for him.


Th sports writers are all gaga over dropped passes but the defense isn’t supposed to catch the passes. The defense is supposed to stop the Cowboys from running down the field. Dallas scored two quick touchdowns with scoring drives of 75 and 90 yards.

Stopping Dallas isn’t Carson Wentz’s job. Wentz was superb. The Eagles defense stunk out loud. The defensive coaching was worse than that. The sports writers are all over Pederson to get some receivers. Defense is about tackling, not catching foreword passes. Stupid sports writers don’t know a lousy coach when they see one.

Pederson has been a head coach before … at “Calvary Baptist Academy,” a Louisiana high school. That’s the long way of saying: — Pederson isn’t exactly a fireworks hire.

So here’s a flash for ex-quarterback Pederson. Get some pass rush going. Stop letting the quarterback run and pass. Block the passes instead of trying to tackle a receiver after he catches the ball. If you can’t do that have the grace to go back to Calvery Baptist. ASAP.

Oh. To Jeff Laurie



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