She’s been losing FOX viewers faster that the bullet train which isn’t fair to people like Brett Bair and Brit Hume so it’s a safe bet her megaphone and her TV career at FOX is just about over. Her best hope is to charm President Trump again and try for a diplomatic post but she’s not good at diplomacy. Her best attribute is upsetting things so sending her to deal with Putin might be just her spot. She can get under his skin so much he’ll forget about taking over the world.
“Let me point out something to you,” said Newt Gingrich to Kelly: “The three major networks spent 23 minutes attacking Donald Trump that night and 57 seconds on Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches. You don’t think this is a scale of bias worthy of Pravda and Izvestia?”

Kelly of course refused to answer Newt’s very reasonable question about the severe media bias against Trump.

Trump’s social-media adviser, Dan Scavino Jr., tweeted: “Megyn Kelly made a total fool out of herself tonight attacking Donald Trump. Watch what happens to her after this election is over.”

During her interview with Newt Gingrich she was told: “You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy,” The former House speaker appeared nearly breathless when Kelly said “if Trump is a sexual predator, then it is a big story.”

“I’m sick and tired of people like you using language that’s inflammatory that’s not true,” Gingrich said.

Paula Jones Calls Megyn Kelly a ‘Nasty Heifer’ Over Gingrich Interview

The bottom line on Kelly is: — conservatives and republicans no longer will watch her.

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