Is Art important and why?

Because is can rise above the petty and the mundame and make the spirit soar. It gives a picture of your spirit, the very deepest essence of who you are.

Art serves a human purpose. Art is a blindly fast summation of your beliefs, hopes and dreams. If you are an artist art is: a “selective re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value-judgments,”. That means you show everything about yourself when create art.  If you are using art, -watching,  listening, you are judging how the art fits your personal values. Every time you collide with art your essential views are exposed. Art answers your question: What is my life about? The art you enjoy is you personal answer.

For a look at the best of America watch the video below. When it’s over identify everything about it that’s important to you. Then know how great you are. This video is an example of the best of the human spirit. It’s a salute to the best within us and a series of tributes and triumphs. Enough. Watch.


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