No, America isn’t going back to Iraq.

President Obama went to great length’s to get America out of Iraq. That was the best thing and the right thing to do.

President Bush went into Iraq and Afghanistan to keep the crazies fighting far away from America. Proof of how great was President Bush’s strategy has been the safety of America since 9/11. It worked.

President Obama pulled out every American. Good. Now the extremists are fighting in Iraq and unfortunately killing people there.

Who can stop the extremists? How about asking that in New York at the U.N.?

It is the moral responsibility to every person who knows the truth to support the innocent victims. That’s the basis of morality. Who has the moral basis of stopping a rampaging murderer? Anyone who want’s to do it.

Who should stop the extremists in Iraq? Anyone who wants to.

Who will stop them? Some of the people in Iraq. There’s not much enthusiasm for anyone else to step up.  

If Iran decides to jump in on the side of the legitimate Iraqi government, let them. For Iraq to join Iran is a suicide pact but it might be the best choice and get rid of them after the more virulent enemy is dispatched.  

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