It will be the job of another President or another country to defeat terrorism and ISIL. President Obama lacks the passion and commitment to America to defeat terrorism. The best he can do is try to attack ISIL but his heart isn’t in it. In the short term air attacks may be sufficient to roll back ISIL and remove it as a threat to America but American safety requires a permanent solution. Obama’s hasn’t the temperament for that.
He’s insufficiently American. He has different objectives for his Presidency than the protection of American values. If and when he rolls back ISIL he will return to his mostly race-based objectives.
It’s unfortunate but Obama is a spokesman for the values of self-sacrifice for the group; modern Marxism, and anti-Americanism which are the values taught in American Universities, churches and by politicians. It’s a rare individual who fights for America and against those values.
Modern Marxism called Progressivism is anti-property and anti-materialism. Progressives believe only government’s should control property so Obama cannot fight for individual ownership of property which would mean individuals and businesses would provide medical care, not government. It’s far too late for that argument. Too many have tought too long against individualism to make the point that Obamacare is immoral because it dictates and controls money, doctors and patients in the name of sacrifice of the better and best people for the benefit of the welfare state.
In the war against terror Obama will accept the ownership of Ukraine based on the majorities vote as Putin did in Crimea. Russia, Marx, Obama and Democrats adore group ownership and the biggest group is government. Obama could no more support private property in Iraq than he can in Indiana. He’s as progressive as they come.
Recall that in his first year of Jihad, Khomeini kidnapped 52 Americans. President Carter was paralyzed by his ideas that America could not get her citizens except by secretly kidnapping them instead of confronting Khomeini.
The terrorists want to stop free publication and free speech and neither Carter nor Obama can think how to defend those rights against the Jihad that destroys them.
Reagan, unfortunately failed to react after the slaughter of 246 U.S. Marines in the sneak attack on them in Beirut in 1983. Why? It was said that attack was a crime. It wasn’t. It was an Act of War and in retaliation the largest, most powerful nation in history looked the other way.

Obama is proud of killing bin Laden but that had no effect on the War against Terror. New leaders appear as soon as the present leader is killed. A proper U.S. response is to kill the heads of and the members of any group who supports war Crimes against America, against any of our allies and especially against Israel. If they are sponsored by a nation, that nation is engaging in acts of war against America so the destruction of that nation is a priority. Secretary of War, Don Rumsfield wisely refused to take nuclear weapons off the table. That’s the kind of commitment in favor of America Obama lacks. Obama takes off everything then puts back what? Drones.

The Middle East Terrorists are driven by hate. They say they want no territory. Fine. Kill them, cremate them and scatter their ashes in the air. Don’t be mislead by Hiroshima which bombed civilians who refused to surrender and who were willing to die for Japan. One nuclear bomb wasn’t enough which is the case with the terrorists. If the entire Middle East must be set afire to stop the terrorists, then is should be done ASAP to save American lives.

After WWII the German population had to be “De-Nazified. The terrorists should be De-Terrorized.
America is powerful enough to not trouble ourelves with building a coalition. America must recognize her own inherent value, power and morality. Obama cannot do that. The American public does and want’s terrorism eradicated ASAP. Half measures have never worked and they will not win the present war against America. Obama should listen to the public, not the pundits nor the professors
Could Obama over-react and push our cause back? To the contrary, the danger is under-reaction. Over-reaction is such a small risk it shouldn’t be considered. It’s either them or us. It’s either the Terrorists and the states that support them or the United States.

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