Lightfoot is a self-outed Lesbian, black, gay short, (5′ 1″) Democrat trumpet playing female lawyer who graduated with honors and on election night kissed her white lesbian wife for the cameras and posterity. She is one smart cookie so she’s fully aware of her insult of President Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McAnany calling her “Karen”.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara Jr. issued a letter to President Donald Trump on Saturday, asking for help from the federal government to fight “chaos” in Chicago and calling Mayor Lori Lightfoot a “complete failure.”

Lightfoot is a mass of a mess. Her older brother was arrested for bank robbery. Chicago under Lightfoot is a mess too.

As of the 2010  Census, there were 2,695,598 people in Chicago. 495,292 people voted.  Lightfoot received 364,965 votes. 234,628 more votes than Toni Preckwinkle so Lightfoot was elected only by 8.7% of the people which is her winning margin. Lightfoot has the opposite of a mandate, … she has a tenuous hold on the mayor’s office and she can be defeated by fewer than 118,000 votes which is only 4.38% of the people. . (Research shows people associate being tall with being smarter, more authoritative, more powerful.) Lightfoot is not only short, she’s extremely short.

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