Obama didn’t mention Christianity or Christians in his final State of the Union speech but he went out of his way to protect Muslims and defend Islam. He said: “When politicians insult Muslims, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid bullied, that doesn’t make us safer.” His father was a Muslim. He named his son “Hussein”. Only male Muslim children are named Hussein. Obama is  therefore a Muslim from birth. His first conscious mental connections were made with Islam. He was born Muslim. He studied Islam and the Koran in a Muslim school. He was educated as a Muslim and attended a mosque with his Muslim stepfather for the very formative years of his life until he entered Punahou school in Hawaii. That’s why this running dog of a President favorably mentioned only one religion, Islam in his SOTU speech.

Obama was born and raised a Muslim but he has been hiding that fact which means he has been deceitful. That’s a major deceit because it’s a fundamental misrepresentation about himself. It may be a bigger lie than Hillary or Bill Clinton ever told and we know they have told more than enough lies that she should be laughed off the Presidential stage and drummed out of the Presidential race because those lies have profound effects since they are character flaws that should have alerted us to the most unfavorable conclusions Obama has made and demonstrated against Christianity while favoring Islam and that explains why he mentioned and defended Islam, not Christianity and especially not Judaism, conclusions  about his character and his suitability as President.

His Muslim connections validate and explain his hostile treatment of Israel and especially of Benjamin Netanyahu. 



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