Just as darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that as Dr. Martin King so clearly put it, so it is with racism. The wrong solution being acted out in Ferguson, MO. by the two biggest biased minds in America, the President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, is to separate the American Black Community and cover it with preferential support at the expense of America.

America doesn’t exist in a dark hole where there are no outside watchers. To the watchers who see a big strong arm criminal who committed further felonies when he reached inside a police car and assaulted a police officer get a state funeral attended by representatives of the President, they know racism when the see it. Of course racism in this instance only goes to support the minority black Michael Brown and condemn the white police officer. That’s a massively wrong scenario but it’s going on right now.

There can be no balanced, objective investigation when the thumbs of the federales are on the scales of justice tipping it towards a whitewash. Maybe that’s the wrong word to use in this instance where the color of the officers skin inflames some people and is being used against him by the accusations of the usual race hustlers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, to name two more who have also captured President Obama and AG Holder to direct the witch hunt.

Perhaps you believe the roles of oppressor and victim are reversed over the historic treatment of blacks and whites but reversing the roles doesn’t solve the problems of racism. More racial behavior will not drive out racism. Neither will love do it as championed by Dr. King who sought more justice for blacks. The races are not in a position where love can be touted as the answer. The races will resist Dr. Kings solution. Racism must be correctly defined and racism needs to be accepted as the problem that both sides want to fix before it can be fixed.

Mutual respect is as far as we can go under the current wide-eyed racism and reverse racism reality that is Ferguson, MO. The President must back off. The Attorney General must get out of the investigation. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are far behind the solution.

Hate cannot drive out hate but mutual respect can. Blacks will not support Dr. Kings solution. Neither will whites. Neither blacks nor whites want to love one another. They don’t even like each other. The only way to move away from enraged and energized blacks who don’t want to be oppressed as well as away from outraged whites who refuse to love blacks is to use all of the powers we have to figure out how to solve the outrage on both sides. But the outrage will not leave. The oppression needs to be broken. The Federal Government must go back to DC and leave Ferguson alone. The burning buildings can be extinguished. The businesses that were robbed can be opened again and both blacks and whites can once again accommodate and tolerate life among each other if some level of respect can be found between the races.

Racism can’t be cured but it can be lessened. There’s evidence aplenty that whites and blacks can live together but the outrage needs to be gotten under control. Racism can’t cure racism but respect can make it easier to cope. Life along the margins, at the places and episodes where the races clash can accommodate mutual respect until the real solution comes along.

The real solution to racism is just about within reach. But it’s not love, it’s respect. Sure some bi-racial love happens but hate happens too. White people don’t love other white people. Lots of white people hate other white people but hating someone because of the color of their skin is the wrong kind of hate. Hate should be reserved for evil, not skin color.


Because the world is not ready for the races to assimilate. Assimilation works well in for example Brazil where racial differences don’t seem to be a problem among the people. To a visiting American back in the 1970’s it was almost shocking to realize what wasn’t going on. What was missing was the animosity between the races that was going on in America.

It’s hard to recognize something that’s missing in a country. Many cultures don’t have access to beef and a visit to those cultures may not recognize that beef is missing. Same for racism. When the different races mix together in a culture that doesn’t find that to be a problem it’s difficult to realize that racism is missing. The Brazilians seem to practice what is missing from other cultures viz., a hatred between the races. The Brazilians have assimilated which shows assimilation can work.


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