The swamp is after him in the form of the Mueller Witch Hunt. We’ll soon see if Trump is equal or better than the Deep State. We made a bet that he is. We’ll soon see.

Dr. Jerome Corsi defied Mueller. Cohen and Manafort lost to Mueller with charges unrelated to Mueller’s commission. Mueller went rogue years ago. He needs to be confronted, not surrendered to.
Tim O’Brien, a Trump biographer and frequent critic, said. “I think the unforgiving grinding force of the U.S. justice system, which he has tried to undermine since he became president, is encircling him. I don’t think we know where he will land. But he is certainly mired in something that he is ill-equipped, legally and personally, to handle.”
A;an Dershowitz said: “In the end, I don’t think Mueller’s going to come up with very much, in terms of criminal conduct, that existed before he was appointed, and that’s pretty shocking,”.
President Trump need help. He needs our help and support against a rogue prosecutor. .