More and more American Jobs are being given to Foreign Born workers. Foreign-born jobs increased by 15% from 2009 to 2014. Native-born American jobs increased by less than 1%. The plans of the Obama Administration to increase the number of foreign-born workers and decrease the number of native-born workers has been successful. It’s calculated that about a million Native-born American jobs were given to foreign born workers. Why is that wrong?

Because the deck is being stacked against native-born workers by the President’s plans, plots and policies. Edwin S. Rubenstein collected and analyzed the data. When Obama took office foreign-born workers were 14.9% of the workforce. In September of 2014 they took 17% if the available jobs. they took them from native-born workers.

If America was a free market this wouldn’t mean anything. Capitalism would sort out the jobs in a fair manner. But Obama is purposely increasing the number of foreign born workers. More Foreign Born’s, fewer Native Born’s. That’s the effect Obama caused when he failed to secure the borders. Where are the unions? Why aren’t they protecting their native born workers?

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