Ebola is Rampaging In Africa. But the PC American Government is afraid to use the word “Africa” or “African” so they released an Ebola Infected African native back into the American population. That could be fatal to those who were in contact with him or to those with whom they contacted. Could be several hundred people.

Doctors aren’t stupid but they are Left Wing Liberals who buy into the PC agenda. PC is concerned with wiping out racism. Racism means white behavior. More to the point, racism means white people hate black people, a caveat that’s silly but it’s become serious enough that it caused a Dallas Hospital to release an infected native Liberian back into the American population.

The official CDC story is that the Ebola patient told the hospital he was from Monrovia, which is the capitol city of Liberia. The hospital staff was allowed to quarantine people who had returned from Liberia but had no legal basis to quarantine someone who actually lived there because that would be Racist and Racism is prohibited by PC. Thomas Duncan was a Liberian National. He should have been stopped at the border. Instead, the PC Homeland Security and Immigration let him into the country. He was carrying the Ebola virus. He was from Africa. He was in Liberia which is in Africa and he lived in Monrovia which is in Liberia.

Read all about the Process Conspiracy which explains exactly why Americans are at great risk from PC and Ebola HERE.

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