At the moment, the Northampton Republican Party, which is controlled and directed by the Northampton Republican Committee, the 36 committee people who vote out of sight of most Northampton residents, the NRC is roiling about politically. They made some disastrous moves, including awarding a solar contract to a single bidder after a closed door presentation to the Northampton Water Board, the remaining holdover board appointed by the Republicans in their final days.

The appearance of corruption surrounded the NRC since the Bruce Townsend township manager scandal exploded  in 2006. Two Republican Supervisors were defeated in the 2008 election. the other shoe fell in 2012 when Dr Kimberly Rose defeated Republican Supervisor Vince Deon who had his own scandal over pay to play  of  (NRP) operates outside the Republican Party. They provide false information to voters during election campaigns, mislead voters at the polls on election day and they tell fibs after the elections to justify their rogue tactics.

Specifically, – they opposed the re-election efforts of Pat Bachtle and were the only township where every voting district voted in favor of Bachtle’s opponent. The next nearest township that provided lots of anti-Bachtle votes was Bensalem,  but Bensalem still supported Bachtle in some districts. Bachtle won against the endorsed candidate but only in Northampton did Bachtle’s opponent win 100% of the voting districts. Here’s the after-the-election-spin. “Bachtle lost in Northampton because she didn’t live in Northampton.” Here’s another NRP whopper. “Bachtle’s opponent won 100% of the districts in Northampton because Bachtle’s opponent lives in Northampton.”

That’s a preposterous reason because for example, most Bucks County Republicans voted for Bachtle and Bachtle doesn’t live in their township. The Northampton Republicans deceive the voters and themselves when they promote fantasies. It’s why they lost Northamnpton Township after 200 plus years. They have entered the worst time for a political body. They lost big time in 2011 and 2007 and the NPC  are in confusion and conflict in the ranks of the Republicans, ….to be continued

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