Constitution be damned for the people who want to lynch Zimmerman. Double Jepardy went overboard decades ago as government learned to keep charging different violations for the same act.

Mob violence is not new in human experience. In 1938, “Kristallnacht” showed a culture can be propagandized and will act on it’s own once it accepts the message.

Kristallnacht was a pogrom. History is full of them. Wikipedia lists at least 20 of the major pogroms but there are far more instances where a part of a population is taught to hate another part and to retaliate based on whatever pretext is convenient.

Riots can be started on the smallest of pretexts. America is not immune. Hundreds of riots hve occurred including some recent ones after the Zimmerman verdict and more are being predicted every day. The so-called civil rights leaders are calling for “demonstrations” until Zimmerman is arrested again and hauled into another kangaroo court for yet another Show Trial. Some Americans want a lynching. Have they never learned about the KKK?

Threats appeared on Twitter and on social media. Some people, people who should know better based on the KKK in history, those people want revenge and another lynching. Too many government officials are going in that direction. That’s the wrong way to go. The FBI already investigated whether Zimmerman was a racist and found he was not. They have over 300 pages in their file that prove Zimmerman was not a racist.

Remember, Zimmerman was not tried in a county court. He was tried in a State Court by the Florida Attorney general because the federal government could not get the local police chief to arrest Zimmerman. It took a new chief to arrest Zimmerman.

He was found not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter. He should sue the prosecutors for malicious prosecution and if the Federal Attorney General charges Zimmerman he, Zimmerman,  should countercharge racism in addition to violation of the Constitution. This is still a country of laws although some people who charge private citizens use the law for revenge, which is all that’s left as they continue to satisfy the mobs and go after Zimmerman. Sometime the government should stand up to the mobs instead of meekly doing what they riot for. Mobs are supposed to follow the law too. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson know they are calling for injustice. The NAACP should retract it’s statement calling the Zimmerman verdict a lynching. Of all the organizations that should know the difference between a verdict and a lynching, the NAACP is near the top of the list and should stop embarrassing itself. 


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