Did the Zimmerman jurors get it right? Was Zimmerman the victim of Trayvon? Or did Zimmerman attack Trayvon first? Did Zimmerman attack and Trayvon got him on the ground? Or was Zimmerman jumped by Trayvon who pinned him and was wailing on him? What other questions should be asked? Finally, should Zimmerman be prosecuted by The United States Attorney General, Eric Holder?

Last answer first. Should Zimmerman be tried again for the death of Trayvon? Not unless the AG wants to violate the double jeopardy restriction against government trying people more than once. The Fifth Amendment reads in part: “nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;”. You may think “the same offense” would allow prosecution for a different offense, say the civil right violation of Trayvon but same offense means the same act, the same set of actions, the same event and any other word or combinations of words that include the death of Travon. The same event means the murder charge which is the highest charge and it includes all lesser charges, like manslaughter. Collateral estoppel, res Judicata, due process, mutuality and scores of additional legal actions both criminal and civil are not possible unless one desires to act like a dictatorship, an act that has, unfortunately been done by the justice systems in many cultures.

One of the most egregious results of the trial is the wide differences of opinion held by different people. It’s partly the acknowledgment that there are great differences in the ability of the human brain to think in identical ways. The Zimmerman and the OJ results prove there are many ideas and show the difficulty of large numbers of people agreeing on important matters. In a way it invalidates the possibility of a democracy.

In the case of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman the civil suit should have been stopped by the fifth amendment. Once OJ was found not guilty of murder he was unable to be tried for lesser crimes or civil offences arising out of the murders. It can’t go both ways. The law cannot run foreword and back. the government is prohibited from further actions against Zimmerman. Otherwise prosecution is just another word for persecution.

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