Yeah, sure. Is there a cure for hate? How about for jealousy? For anger, outrage, vengeance and fear?

Human’s are rational, reasonable and emotional. Hate is an emotional response usually directed outward. Outword directed hate is difficult to cure but self-hate, also difficult to cure may be more dangerous to others because of the lack of respect for people in general. What about justifiable hate based on psychological  injury? Why try to cure that? It could be dangerous to ignore an evil person.

Deep psychosis is not normal but with emotions it’s complicated. Hate can be so overwhelming that it causes a psychotic break. 

Hate involves interactions. The question of curing hate must include every human interaction. Hatred can be directed towards an entire race or group. That’s irrational. Religious hate, political hate, self-hate all show how broad hatred can be. Broad and deep.

Suppose hate has survival value? Hatred of enemies may help one keep away from fatal encounters. In some circumstances it’s better to hate because it may increase the ability to avoid danger from others.

The beginning of a cure for irrational, unjustified hate would mean first eliminate self-hatred. Easier said than done of course because self-analysis can be impossible. It seems so basic to curing any mis-directed emotion to begin with a healthy outlook which means no psychosis. How do we put that? Don’t try to cure yourself when you’re crazy. How do you know when you are crazy? If most encounters don’t go well, consider that it’s your fault because the odds are against everyone else being nuts while you’re the only sane one. There’s a major problem dealing with others. There are no two alike. You need a blank slate for every other person but don’t despair. While there are no two alike, there are loads of common attributes and that’s the basis for curing irrational hate.

Some think the cure for hate is love. Others believe indifference is the cure but remember, some hate can have survival value therefore some hate should be encouraged. Encourage the good and move away from the bad. Move far away from the truly evil. But the hate that should be cured is the irrational hate. Begin with being certain that you don’t hate yourself because so long as you hate yourself, you can never cure your hatred of others. A healthy mind won’t hate the good. When the mind is healthy there is no rational hate. That’s the cure. If it’s that easy, why is there hate? Bad judgment.

What about race hate? Can that be cured? Of course. Just start from the right place. Also understand that America is an exceptional place because it’s just about the only place where so many different races live together. Many races bring along their particular prejudices but know this. The successful integration of so many races, religions, cultures is itself unusual and exceptional in the history of the world. The successes are far greater than the failures. America proves differences can exist together. You don’t have to be some Pollyanna but America proves America works. So another cure for hate is to be in America. If you are somewhere else, fine. Just follow America’s lead. The world would be a lot better if more people lived like Americans. America is the cure for hate.

Why is there so much hate in America? The answer is that there’s a whole lot less than there is in most other places and because some cures take time. 

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