It’s un-natural to sacrifice oneself but how many messages are there that preach exactly that?

You are bombarded with demands that you “give back”. Restitution has a purpose but restitution in advance should be laughed out of town as inhuman. No one should pay for crimes they don’t commit. No one should volunteer to be punished for something they didn’t do. Even worse is the idea that someone can be punished for something someone else did. That’s like thinking it’s OK to go to jail instead of putting the perp there.

How against human values is the idea of sacrifice so others will benefit. Sacrifice is the essence of Socialism and Marxism. Everyone should over-pay for things because they can afford to pay more. Socialism holds the ability to pay should be eliminated because people have unmet needs that the community needs to meet for them.  Money, according to them is immoral. The idea that someone should pay more than someone else simply because they have more and can afford to pay more destroys the person who has more and will soon ruin a culture.

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