It’s the Photo, not the text.

The extreme Left “Rolling Stone” cover has  a glamour photo of the Boston Bomber that’s missing only the halo of a saint. It glorifies the terrorist. The magazine says they condemned him but their condemnation contradicts their glamorization. It’s the Photo. The Photo clearly glamorizes the Boston Bomber. They glamourized a criminal, a terrorist, an anti-American Israel hater and that photo is not excused by the claim he was condemned. The photo stands on it’s own. The photo speaks for itself and it says: “The Boston Bomber is a sweet innocent young man”. The photo is not designed to condemn the terrorist.  It’s designed to make the bomber look innocent and America guilty.  It succeeds in it’s intent. That’s also the purpose of America-haters like: Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Joan Baez and Jane Fonda who constantly condemn America and Americans without realizing there’s no better place to be.  

Back to the photo. The purpose of the photo is to humanize an inhuman man. By tugging on the heartstrings of people, the tactic of Springsteen, Seger, Baez and other, the bomber is put in the light of someone who knows something awful about Americans and Rolling Stone want’s to help him get out his anti-American message. Shame on them. The terrorist looks peaceful so his terror must be understandable. It’s not. He maimed. He murdered women, children and innocent people with a shrapnel filled pressure-cooker bomb. He’s a destroyer and Rolling Stone needs to have their magazine rot on the shelves for making him seem like some kind of innocent angel. 

People should speak up and complain to the stores and kiosks where it’s displayed. Don’t buy it then throw it away. Let it rot where it is. Write letters to the establishments where it’s being offered for sale condemning Rolling Stone, asking for it to be removed and thanking them if they remove it from their shelves. 

Evil often disguises itself. Evil has a certain appeal for those unable to detect it. Evil must be destroyed. There’s no moral middle between good and evil. It’s either or. Rolling Stone made a tragically inhuman decision. There should be consequences.

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