The basis of the American revolution was the breakdown of the trust in the British King and the government he imposed on the colonists. The takeover of the Crimea by Vladimir Putin proved to the Ukrainians they should not have trusted the Russian Government to respect the borders of Ukraine. We were told the Internal Revenue Service isn’t targeting the Tea Party; the Islamic State is a JV team; Iraq is secure; the National Security Agency isn’t eavesdropping, Benghazi was about a video, the economy is getting better and you can keep your health plan. What a crock full of crock’s full of soup. the message is clear: “Don’t Trust The Government”. Especially don’t trust President Obama.
The CDC said their “Protocols” would keep Ebola contained in America. So far two Americans have been infected in America. The CDC is being coy about the mechanism’s that spread the virus but AIDS is a virus so check out how AIDS spreads.
The CDC admits the virus is in “body fluids”. Saliva? It’s a fluid. Tears?
How about a cough? A sneeze? Saliva is released into the air as a fine mist from a sneeze, right?
How long does the virus live in body fluid?
How long does the virus live on a door knob? Is it still alive after the sneeze dries out on a door knob?
What about the sneeze that lingers in the air then comes in contact with someone’s eyes?
How about when someone whispers into someone’s ear? Does the breath carry saliva when someone pronounces a “P”? A “T”?
What if a person sneezes into their hand then handles a coin to pay for coffee:- does the virus live in the body fluid on the coin? How long does it live on a coin?
People come in contact with other people in billions of ways each hour around the globe. Knowing how a virus, one of the tiniest of living things can be spread among people can make the difference between staying healthy and getting Ebola.
Too bad Obama and the CDC is being so secretive about it. Realize secrecy is one of the attributes of a government. Keeping information secret is how governments keep their power.

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