Donald Trump knows people. He gives himself credit for making lots of money doing deals because he knows how to judge people. Donald spoke on TV and said the market is in trouble; that this administration has made lots of wrong decisions and that nobody knows what’s wrong with Obama. He was asked directly: “do you believe the President is a bit of a psycho?”

Donald keeps his fingers on the pulse of most of the important issues and he asks when is the last time you heard something good about the United States? He is onto something that puts President Obama in the box of being one of the worst, if not the worst American President ever.

President Obama can be understood by realizing he doesn’t like America. He’s not an American at heart because he didn’t live in America when he lived in Indonesia and went to a Muslim school. Not living here increased his ability to understand another culture or even multiple other cultures but he doesn’t see America, Great Britain or Europe as admirable places with admirable values and admirable virtues.
Obama can’t process information the way a strong American can. He has the superficial attributes of being born in Hawaii but his father and mother didn’t like America. His father abandoned him and his mother. His mother didn’t raise him, -his maternal grandparents did and they were avowed Marxists. They didn’t like the American culture. They influenced their grandchild in countless ways to oppose America; to be ashamed of America and to condemn not only America but The West.
Obama went to universities that reinforced his Left Wing, America-is-the-problem ideologies of his parents, grandparents and of numerous anti-American people with whom he interacted all of his life. Obama isn’t psycho but his anti-American ideology makes him seem nuts because it’s so crazy for American’s to understand how much against America President Obama really is. It’s incomprehensible to a man like Donald Trump who loves America to understand how President Obama hates America and all it stands for.

The President is diabolical. He’s done more to try to ruin America than Russian President Vladimir Putin. The entire world is worse off because of the bad effects of so many anti-American decisions and orders President Obama has issued. His signature legislation; “Obamacare” has caused sharp business declines as well as increased medical costs for every America who pays taxes. Obamacare has made life worse for the millions who pay for their own Medical Insurance and the worst is yet to come because Obamacare doesn’t really kick in until 2016, as Trump said in his interview.

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