And it’s about time an uncorruptable man has risen from the means streets of Queens to be a candidate for the best and most powerful elected office in history. Trump took on Political Correctness because he feels like most other people do about it. He took on Immigration because of Immigration has made the lives of American Citizens harder and in many cases made life fatal. Trump is a hero for trying to interrupt a Corrupt Government System of soft bribery where one must bribe officials to get government to do almost anything and almost everything. Pick up something. Government is involved.

Until Megyn Kelly’s bad set of decisions brought her in a televised confrontation with an American Hero, she and the corrupt politicians were firmly in control of American Government and Politics.

Barack Obama avoids the un-fair and un-balanced” world of FOX and Trump just showed the largest t.v. audience ever why FOX is unfair.

It’s about POWER. What’s the FOX formula? Deception. Use Entertainment with really intelligent and good looking people to deceive the public. Politicians use secrecy. Trump is showing what’s wrong with both. Government and Entertainment use their power to get what they want even if it’s wrong which is what just happened with FOX; Megyn Kelly and the Republican party. Their POWER is threatened. Trump is why every other politician is running in the Presidential Election with the difference that Trump doesn’t have to kiss their ring and show his servility. He refuses to be a slave. So should the rest of America.

Megyn Kelly doesn’t control FOX in a vacuum. She does what the manager Rodger Ailes want’s done and he does what Rupert Murdock wants him to do.This is now a contest between Trump and those three and the prize for Trump is the Presidency. Good luck and success to Donald.

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