The first ever external audit of The Federal Reserve uncovered $16.1 Trillion in Interest Free Loans loans that do not have to be repaid. Such loans were given to large banks like Citigroup, Mortgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and many Foreign Banks. The list is on the web at: see page 131. So where did the Fed get the $16.1 Trill to loan? Who was behind the procurement of the $16.1 Trill?

The workings of The Fed are secret. That’s understandable. Printing and distributing money to favorite people and places could upset the markets and Americans. They might try to do something about it. But the requirements of a conspiracy usually mean the plan must be kept secret. People are not so stupid that they will allow themselves to be cheated outright. A $16.1 Trillion dollar conspiracy. That’s important. Who can do something to stop these people?

That’s $16.1 Trillion not available to help out of work Americans.

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