The best way to protect America from Ebola is to ban travel to and from Ebola-land. Obama banned travel to Israel so quick he surprised even his America-hating friends but he refuses to so the same to protect America from Ebola.
When Americans catch Ebola it should be called Obola because Obama’ Ebola policies caused it. The man’s a disaster as President of America. He should run for President of his father’s country, Kenya. America is worse off because of Obama. He should resign. He should be impeached. He should clear out of the White House and go play golf because he sure can’t play President.

The Atlantic Ocean is a great protector of American’s from Ebola. Why can’t Obama and the CDC figure out that simple idea? Keep Ebola where it is. Keep contagious Ebola people on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Maybe it’s not the best way to keep Ebola out of America but it’s a start.

But there’s a worse Obama caused problem. Ebolers can just walk across from Mexico. Hamas did it. Hezbollah did it and Ebolers might have already done it. Obama has no interest in stopping them. He should be impeached for failing to protect Americans. He should be impeached for sending American Military to Ebola Land. He should be impeached for the long list of wrong decisions that have made life in America more dangerous than it was six years ago.

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