Judges of Election are elected for each polling place. Consequently the Bucks County Board of Elections will act to keep them in office despite some small deviations. For example, suppose a Judge of Elections is in hospital. The County board will attempt to get a temporary replacement. The elected Judge will continue to serve until the four year term is over.

When a Judge of Elections moves out of the district, as one recently did, he’s required to file a change of address. As soon as that’s received, the County Board has the duty to get someone to replace him. But suppose the politicians want the elected Judge to continue at his old polling place. They would keep things quiet and no one would be any wiser.

But some Edward Snowden type exposed the plot.

Quick as you can say call the judge, the board did. He probably fessed up. It’s probably not a crime to fail to change your address and continue to receive the benefits of being a Judge. Or there may be a time period when it’s possible to be the Judge in the old district but once the lid blows off, submitting the change of address form is the right thing to do. That’s what was done. The new Judge of Elections along with the old group of election workers has the job of keeping the election running smoothly. It’s easy to do the right thing and follow the rules.

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