He goes against all her Religious Training. She’s Roman Catholic: — Italian mother/ Irish father but Trump isn’t of the same faith as Kelly but Kelly is against him as are most of the woman on FOX Used To Be Fair and No Longer Balanced. These people have serious intellectual deficiencies.

FOX is a very Christian network that opposes even the anti-contraception medications which guarantee no pregnancy and of course a pregnancy is needed before an abortion can occur. Even the Pope has sufficient intelligence to realize no harm / no foul so no pregnancy / no abortion.

FOX News is Religious, not Conservative. FOX is driven mad by Roe v Wade. FOX News in in the tank against Trump. Why? Why does Donald Trump drive the girls at FOX into a rage? Why does Megyn support Charles Cooke who is an effete anti-American over at the failing failing failed National Review who tweeted for the girls against Trump ““He has tried to build himself up as a strong man & he’s done that b/c he knows nothing about policy.”

Trump has more position papers on many important national and international issues than Obama. Different than Obama and different than Hillary, Trump has actually written actual positions. Megyn Kelly reads; Trump writes.

Why is Megyn still crazy against Trump? Ultracrepidarianism. Same for the women on FOX Outnumbered. She and they are also very jealous of Trumps self-made fortune. That goes against their religion positions too, Jesus drove out the money changers from the Temple which is one of the many anti-Semitic stories in the New Testament and as we know religion is the greatest divider.

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