A dysgenic welfare state lowers the intelligence of it’s children. Take a look at the Trump Protesters and think about things like: “capable of solving equations” or : “speed reading”, capabilities that aren’t there. Evolution doesn’t naturally produce more intelligence. It’s affected by “the environment that surrounds the individual”. More Political Correctness produces a dumber generation. A few generations produces even more stupidity.

Donald Trump is a course reversal in a declining civilization. If he’s not the next President America will continue to produce dumber and dumber children until an Idiocracy stops it’s exceptionalism.

“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.” — Albert Einstein. Einstein should have continued thusly: A civilization can appear as well as disappear depending on how many idiots are in charge. Jimmie Carter was followed in time by Barack Obama who is dumber and less American partly because he did most of his growing up in Indonesia a country that has the highest number of Muslims, where he attended an Indonesian Islamic Madrassa aka. Muslim public school. No surprise he’s inclined towards Islam as compared to being an authentic American. His mother was an American who fled America. His father and step-father were Muslims. His mother wasn’t too religious but she was extremely political, extremely Liberal and therefore not as American as most Americans who are born, raised and are patriots. Dysgenic. It fits.
Muslims are disinclined to view Western Nations as friends. Instead to Muslims America is an enemy. The Ayatollah Kholmeini called America “The Big Satan”. He called for “Jihad Agaisnt America”. The Trump Protesters are of a kind with the Jihadys; destruction. Trump is the opposite: Creating, building and advancing civilization.

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