When she told Donald Trump: “”for the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell,” Megyn Kelly went to nuclear war against then-candidate, now President Elect Donald J. Trump. She lowered herself even more with her comments against Rodger Ailes who gave her the biggest set of favors she will ever get. He gave her an hour long show.

Megyn is politically tone deaf, like other Liberals and the Liberal ideas and conclusions she secretly supports. Basically, her intellect led her astray and she paid the price. Today she’s in the DMZ between the Left and the Right but there are people in both camps that don’t know what just happened with the election of Donald Trump who ran one of the most popular campaigns in American history. The crowds that came to his events were huge. Megyn and many other’s missed that or put the people in the crowds into the deplorable camp. Well those people just gave their middle finger to the Liberals even though there are many more Liberals around who are now reduced to crying.
The American Mainstream Media, the University professors, the so-called progressives which are the Marxian Socialists who re-named themselves when their Left wing socialist ideas became too unpopular aligned themselves with malleable, pliable immoral Hillary.

President Obama was born, bred and trained in the progressive movement. His mentors were Communists and their progressive successors. On entering the Oval Office, he launched his administration with a global “apology tour,” conceding America’s “guilt” not only towards the Muslim world, but also towards surviving members of the Soviet bloc in Central America. The signature foreign policies of his administration were retreats from America’s battlefronts against Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq; tepid and therefore ineffectual responses to terrorist forces in the Middle East; support for Palestinian terror regimes in the West Bank, Gaza and Egypt, this last under the Muslim Brotherhood; and a major foreign policy effort to bring America’s mortal enemy, the Islamic Republic of Iran, into the community of nations, fund its terrorist regime and provide its leaders with a legitimized path to nuclear power.” This is the American Left and it’s where Kelly has been headed.
““This is the poisoned well of the radical heart: the displacement of real emotions into political fantasies; the rejection of present communities for a future illusion;



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