He wrote it and did a masterful job. The book will hold your interest from start to finish. It gives a detailed look at some of the black groups who shared a goal to get rid of white rule in South Africa. They succeeded but look at the place now.

The present condition of South Africa is not the fault of Mandela. The “system” that replaced apartheid failed as it was wont to do because it wasn’t universal in South Africa. There was and still remain a patchwork system that ranges from the completely corrupt to the imaginary with Capitalism not much in evidence at the official level.

Nelson Mandela was a socialist who never got to the level of grasping the individual. People to him are members of various groups, either tribal or political. the key to Mandela is not the individual. Nelson isn’t racist or genocidal. He’s not a Capitalist, believing government must be there to help various groups. His system offered little protection for minorities. The smallest minority is one but Nelson never gets to the one.

It’s too much to ask of the man. It’s too much to expect, especially from a man who was imprisoned for 32 years. Nelson is a pragmatist. He accepts the status quo and moves on. He is one of the few people who could have dismantled apartheid and the corrupt system it birthed. For that he deserves credit. His autobiography may be self-serving but he depicts himself as a great conciliator. That seems about right at least according to his writings.
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