The Messiah was expected but Trump came in disguise. The legend, the myth, the forecast that a Messiah will appear among you is centuries old. It’s been a story of hope among the oppressed that reached a crescendo from the Most Anti-American every elected to the Presidency proving Leftist propaganda is used and that it works. Trump is the American antidote to the Socialist Totalitarians who taught an army of lemmings to push America over a cliff into the dustbin of history. It didn’t work. Trump showed up.

Donald J. Trump came without favor-seekers shoveling money at him like other Presidents. He’s a self-made multi-billionaire who doesn’t need anyone’s money and who incensed the Left who sent squads of lemmings to violate his private gatherings to try to cause him problems. They’ve been brushed off by The American Messiah. It’s about time The Messiah aka. Trump came.

Trump is a different Messiah. Instead of helping his enemies crucify him he’s winning against them just like he’ll win against Putin, against the crazy North Korean and the deceitful Chinese dictators. Trump isn’t falling on his sword, he’s swinging it around and terrorizing NAZI Collaborator George Soros, and the President of Mexico and that’s part of what Americans love about Trump. As Lincoln said about general Grant: “He Fights”.


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