Ukraine is a simple case. Two different cultures; Ukrainian and Russian. Kept apart by something as simple as a different language. They do not want to get along. They refuse to get along. They want to go their separate ways. Russia used it’s military to take The Crimea away from Ukraine.
The Diversity Problem in Crimea is not solved. Russians are now in power and they will oppress the Ukrainians in Crimea. Many Ukrainians are leaving Crimea because their lives will be worse. Diversity is the cause of the hatred between Ukrainians and Russians.
How much more complicated is the United States where so many different cultures clash, often violently? America elected a black man President and race relations are far worse. Instead of seeing President Obama as President, he’s often seen as a black President. Black people overwhelmingly voted for Obama because he’s black. Many white people voted for him for various other reasons including that he is black.
Obama has stoked the fires of hate in America. He became a divider when he could have become more of a uniter. It became obvious President Obama sees the world partly thru race colored glasses. Instead of working towards healing the differences between the black and white races, he decided to stand up only for the black race.
My personal views on races were tempered in the crucible of the entire world. Actually having worked in 92 countries gave me a different perspective and a set of personal knowledge about race. Having worked as an auto mechanic at Sam Evans Auto alongside and under blacks provided a strong belief in the ability of different races to work and socialize together. My conclusion is people of different races can work and live together. Period. No buts. They can.
Unfortunately, right now in America a different scene is being played. Some of the people in power believe wrongly that different races, genders and cultures can be forced to work and live together. That’s the wrong way to go. Force in race relations will cause fights, wars and deaths. It doesn’t have to be that way and it shouldn’t be that way but it is that way at the moment.
The simplest diversity problem is the black/white one. Black/White Diversity is a major problem. But Diversity is being used as an attack on Whites.
No one says Harlem needs more diversity. No one says Chinatowns need more diversity. No one says Miami needs more diversity. But the Left hails Diversity as a solution only when it means fewer white people and/or more non-whites in a white area.
If white’s refuse to date non-whites they’re called racist but if non-whites want to date other non-whites, no one says they’re racist.
Black clubs are encouraged. White clubs are forbidden. There’s a Congressional Black Caucus that’s encouraged but a White Congressional Caucus is prohibited as Racist even though the only difference between a black and a white caucus is race. Go figure.
The Black/White race problem may be the most difficult of the race problems because it’s easy to identify failures. White and black people in general are easy to spot.
This quick look at the problem shows the falsity of “Our Diversity Is Our Strength”. What Diversity is Strength means is: “Whites Must Diversify”. Th
White people must go where they are not wanted and if they refuse they’re called racist. The SUpreme OCurt did that with Brown v Board of Education. They forced bussing onto many people who didn’t want it. It didn’t work. It’s been abandoned.
Whether you agree or not America has become more racist with the Liberal Left objective to make non-whites the majority. Whether or not that’s fair or just, it is the way it is.
If the cultures in America are to become more united it will have to wait for a more benevolent President. In any case, it most likely won’t happen, at least if history is a guide.
A final thought. South Africa is a great example of the fallacy of the diversity argument. Zimbabwe an even greater example. Zimbabwe was Rhodesia, founded by a White Englishman. Over time it was changed to an all black nation, renamed Zimbabwe and it’s white farmers were murdered. Diversity? Not in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is proof that Diversity is false and that it cannot work.
Don’t go get all moral here. That’s not the point. Things are the way they are for reasons and in the case of Diversity the reason is rather simple. People are not ready for it.

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