Far too often when people get power over other people by becoming part of government they misuse that power under color of law. Generally they are safe from prosecution. Think Hitler/Holocaust. Japanese/Pearl Harbor. IRS. Homeland Security. Rodney King. Abner Louima. Aberrant psychology often enough to be a problem manifests when individuals have absolute authority over others.
In Hitlers Germany, in Stalin’s Soviet Union, in Castro’s Cuba, Chavez’s Venezuela, Putins Crimea and countless other times and places, the wrongful use of coercion, use of physical brutality, military action or other forms of cruelty, to obtain involuntary actions, confessions or admissions has happened and is happening. Corruption, the use of political power for money and/or favors happens so often that it’s discovery is treated as normal.
Critics contend that a “holy war” mentality has helped to nurture a “new militarized style of policing” where “confrontation has replaced investigation.” exists in far too many places

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