She made loads of enemies as she took no prisoners while destroying the lives of the younger-and-prettier-than-her women with whom her husband romped. She made friends as she paid off the women but we don’t really know how many she paid. In the end she was inadequate as a lover so her husband continued his practice of bedding anything in a skirt who was drawn to a powerful man as they carved another notch in their bedposts.

Bill has turned into what Monica called him, “the Creep” as he skulks around reminding everyone of how not to live their life. He’s no longer likable but he’s as marketable as ever, a modern Lothario with a wife who was never likable because she’s such a phony meaning she’s not authentic. “She Lies” as the mother of a murdered military man in Benghazi called her because Hillary looked her in the eyes and told her a video caused the attack that caused the murder of her son. Hillary’s flaccid response to security in Benghazi resulted in four dead men but why did Hillary have to lie?

The end is near for Hillary who is being taken apart by a Commie dolt on one side and the phenomenon of Donald Trump who isn’t a politician; who really loves the people who come to see him all over America and is a real American. All that’s left for Hillary is to live her life out in extra extravagant style from the illicit money she gathered and put into a tax shelter called “The Clinton Foundation”.

But Hillary Clinton won’t live on because there are no heirs for the Clintons. Her grandchildren are Mezvinsky’s and her friends are as shallow as her so they’ll move on when the money is gone. Good. Good riddance.

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