The editors lauded a local State Representative who introduced what they and others call “Common Sense Gun Laws but the term isn’t defined. “Common Sense” is thought to be the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way; to make good decisions using sound judgment based on facts. What is common sense as related to gun laws?

How many gun laws are there? That would seem to be a common sense place to begin right? No “sense” making duplicate laws or leaving large places in the laws where there are too few gun laws. It turns out there’s no agreement on something as simple as the number of gun laws.

OK. The number isn’t known so let’s talk about some of the laws we can find, such as laws that affect the manufacture, design, sale, purchase, and possession of firearms. With most gun laws containing numerous, interrelated subparts, there is no clear rule for defining what should count as a separate gun control law.

How about forbidding all gun sales unless the people and the guns are approved by the sheriff. That’s one of the provisions in the so-called “Common Sense Gun Law” supported by a State Representative. It amounts to “Guilty, prove you are innocent”. While the editors called that common sense, it isn’t, at least not in America where most people believe people are innocent until proven guilty so a law that’s the opposite can’t be called common sense. It should be called un-American because it opposes all of our laws.

Americans are not so unique that we aren’t members of the human race but Americans do have more freedom than almost any other culture or place. Freedom isn’t the ability to do whatever we please to other people. We still have to trim our behavior so we don’t hurt someone else but we are free to do many things that are almost impossible to do in other places like print a newspaper or buy a gun.

Remember that most people accepted the common sense ideas that the sun moved across the sky, that the earth was flat and people couldn’t fly. Galilao was put in prison by the Church because he refused to agree the earth was the center of the universe. He was right but the common sense of a great institution found him guilty of being a heretic. As recently as 1990 the pope said: (the) “verdict against Galileo was rational and just.” So much for the common sense of a great authority that’s the supposed guardian of morality in the Western world. It’s also a bunch of knocks against Common Sense.
While it good to keep guns out of the hands of criminals remember that criminals are the people who don’t obey the law. Any gun law only restricts the behaviors of the law-abiding citizens. Those are the people who get penalized by gun laws. That’s not sensible at all.

A word about the so-called “Gun Show Loophole”. Gun shows are heavily regulated by the owners of the buildings and the licensed gun dealers inside. Video cameras and plain clothes agents swarm all over the gun shows and parking lots. Background checks happen are done before every purchase. A gun show is one of the safest places on the earth. A terrorist would be stopped not only by law enforcement but by the swarms of armed law-abiding citizens all over the place.

But guns are in danger because the government is afraid of an armed citizenry. Obama figured out he can regulate guns by regulating lead so it’s not available to make bullets. All of the lead smelters in America are closed. Lead must be imported.

What kind of people refuse to protect themselves then demand someone else take responsibility for their safety? What kind of parent refuses to protect their child? What kind of person believes their own life in so inconsequential that they refuse to protect themselves?

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