I own this website and everything on it. All that appears here is written by me unless I attribute it to someone else. No one helps me write anything. Neither Frank Rothermel nor Jim Cunningham nor anyone else ever suggested or asked me to write anything on their behalf. If they did I would refuse. This website belongs to me.  

Not so for the Two Republican Supervisor Candidates who sponsor a slime site to attack from the shadows what they are afraid to attack in the light.

Corrupt and Dirty Politicians refuse to follow the rules. The Corrupt Northampton Republican Committee supports and protects another slime site, a website that attacks innocent residents of Northampton who have different political views. How do we know it’s dirty? It’s anonymous. That makes it cowardly too.

It makes silly claims that normal people know are wrong. It supports the corrupt Northampton Republican politicians who cannot attack people because they want to trick them to vote for them so they get stooges to act in their names. The two Republican Supervisor candidates who are opposing two good, moral men, viz., Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham, these two enemies not only of Rothermel and Cunningham, of the people of Northampton who will continue to be victims of the Northampton Republican hoax.

The Northampton Republicans need victims. That would be you. The Republican Supervisor candidates are supported in their illicit enterprise by the other 35 Republican Committee people. They are as crooked as the phony webpage they support. If they were honest, honorable, ethical and truthful, which they are not, they would oppose Northampton’s Disgraceful Slime-site.  

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